Get on the guest list for Rob Kashey’s SAGE Table at PF Chang’s in Seattle.

Who’s setting the table? Rob Kashey, a writer, poet, and former English teacher in Lynwood, Washington, about a 40-minute drive from Seattle.
Where’s the party? P.F. Chang’s in Seattle. “They have everything: vegetarian, gluten free,” Rob says. “And who doesn’t like Chinese food?” Note that Rob is asking guests to “BYO” or “Buy Your Own.”
What caught our eye about Rob’s SAGE Table? His profile description: “Just turned 65, Queer Man with all the weird human quirks and more that go with being human. I would love meeting others of any age in the LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ community.”
Why is Rob hosting a SAGE Table? “Who knows where you’ll make a good friend who’ll support you, and you them?” asks Rob. “Care doesn’t have a gender or a sexuality. It’s just care, and everybody needs it.”
Pull up a chair: SAGE Table at PF Chang’s Seattle

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