Join in on the food, fun, and conversation at this global financial group’s SAGE Table.

SAGE is so grateful for the ongoing partnership and support Macquarie has given our organization for so many years. What drew Macquarie to be involved with SAGE Table?
“A former coworker of mine at Macquarie, David Canter, is a board member of SAGE, and through his introduction, I was impressed with the advocacy and work the dedicated people of SAGE do for LGBT elders,” says Scott Malone, the Vice President of Business Operational Risk at Macquarie. “I volunteered at the Midtown Center and then engaged our fledgling Pride@Macquarie employee network group to start volunteering on a quarterly basis.

How does Macquarie’s participation in SAGE Table align with its diversity and inclusion objectives? “Bringing SAGE Table to Macquarie’s office allows other employees who are not part of Pride@Macquarie to see all these people sharing a meal and having a lively conversation and ask questions,” Scott says. “This dinner will align nicely with Macquarie’s diversity and inclusion objectives by driving conversation and awareness.”

In what ways is Macquarie promoting the SAGE partnership to internal and external stakeholders? “The Pride@Macquarie network group has sent personal invitations to its members and allies,” Scott says. “We have targeted individuals who have volunteered with us at the Midtown SAGE center in the past.”

Who’s coming? Ten SAGE constituents and 15 Macquarie employees, ranging in age from 24 to 70.

What’s cooking? An amazing gourmet spread that includes artisanal cheese, charcuterie, triple-layer grilled cheese, mini crab sliders, flank steak, and cheesecake tarts.

What other details can you share about your SAGE Table?
“Our meal will be held in the new Macquarie Café and be catered by our chefs,” Scott says. “We will also have soft drinks, water, wine, and beer for those of those who need a little ‘liquid courage’ to help engage in witty banter. We have three long banquet tables that will be filled with people from all age groups. If time allows, we will also play some bingo or trivia.”

Pull up a chair: Pride@Macquarie’s SAGE Table

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