Seeking out ways to make your own LGBT community more intergenerational is at the heart of how SAGE Table works.

SAGE Table Diners

Who should I invite?
Everyone and anyone within the LGBT community. Allies are and always have been an integral part of our community. Each host will decide for themselves who to bring to the table. What we ask is that you look at your own network, and see what untapped riches you have around you.

Where will you go to grow your own community by meeting and including LGBT people of all ages?
We want to hear your ideas! Email us at or let us know on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter by tagging your idea in a post with #SAGEtable.

What will we talk about?
Discussion guides will be available to help inspire you to integrate different perspectives into your gathering. Embracing the rich diversity of our community means that, at each table, we are committed to inspire you create meaningful, stress-free conversations across cultural gaps. 

Find one LGBT person who is not part of your age group and tell them about SAGE Table.

Take a picture of you and that person and tag using #SAGETable. Share on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!
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