Thank You for an Amazing SAGE Table!

Together, we brought together thousands of LGBT people and allies of all ages to share a meal and exchange ideas. The words we are hearing are: “when’s the next one?!” We will keep you updated via our monthly emails. Interested in getting on the list? Sign-up via our general interest form today. In the meantime, thanks again and we will see you next year!

Thousands in the LGBT community celebrate SAGE Table

Yesterday, thousands of members of the LGBT community and their allies gathered all across the nation to celebrate SAGE Table, a one-day event that encouraged participants to break bread, have a conversation, and create connections across generations.

Produced by SAGE with major support from AARP, more than 200 SAGE Tables took place in private homes, five-star restaurants, dive bars, city parks, social spaces, places of worship, and senior centers across the U.S.

SAGE Table events were thrown in 40 states plus Washington D.C. More than 100 SAGE Tables occurred in New York and in California alone.

“I’m blown away by the enthusiasm we just witnessed for SAGE Table, not just from our older community but also from younger people,” said Michael Adams, CEO of SAGE.

Bevy Smith, SiriusXM Radio Host of Bevelations, shared why she became involved with SAGE and SAGE Table. “Oftentimes elderly people are invisible. So imagine you’re even more marginalized because you’re in a sector of population that for many years were in the closet. Who do you have to care for you when you get older? SAGE is bridging the gap.”

Notables such as Whoopi Goldberg, Janet Mock, Sarah Paulson, Sia, Zachary Quinto, and more helped build momentum for SAGE Table with a video released prior to the main event.

“What an exciting evening!” Adams added. “I hope that everyone who experienced SAGE Table walked away feeling like they received a gift, because they did: They had the opportunity to make new friends, close the generation gap, and build a stronger and more caring community for themselves and others.”

What to Do on SAGE Table Day

The day has come for your SAGE Table! In order to make things easy, we came up with a walk-through of what your Table could look like.

  1. If you haven’t checked our Discussion Guide, take a look! There is plenty of information, including conversation starters, a guest sign-in sheet, and facts about LGBT aging that can help guide your meal’s dialogue.
  2. Alternately, you can just download our printable Discussion Cards. They’re available in both English and Spanish, and they’re sure to prompt interesting conversations.
  3. Download and print our sign-in sheet and ask your guests to sign in with their name and email address. Once everyone has arrived, take a picture of your sheet and send to us at We need your help in getting all SAGE Table participants’ information so we can provide everyone with opportunities to connect in the future.
  4. Make your SAGE Table social! Take lots of photos and videos, and share them on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook using the hashtag #SAGETable. If you’re not the social-media type, email us your pictures and videos at and we’ll take care of the rest.
  5. Final to-do: Please make an appeal to your guests to complete the next-day survey. Feedback from our community will drive SAGE Table’s next steps.

We hope you loved SAGE Table!

Claim Your Seat: SAGE Table with Tyler Ashley, the Dauphine of Bushwick

Join Tyler Ashley, aka the Dauphine of Bushwick, at East Village bar Wise Men in New York City for a fabulous SAGE Table over cocktails and nibbles.

Who’s setting the table? Tyler hosts a monthly tea dance party called BABY TEA at Wise Men. Over the past two years, the two have raised over $10,000 during two trans youth advocacy fundraisers.

What caught our eye about this party? Tyler plans to have a very diverse group of people in attendance. “I love having a lot of different types of friends from various backgrounds and industries, and I love to bring them together and get some juicy convos going!” Tyler says. “ I’m so lucky to have had my dance work presented on Fire Island a few years ago. Making friends of all ages and walks of life out there has been one of the most amazing and educational ways to look back on the LGBTQ experience of the past few decades.”

What inspired this SAGE Table? Tyler says that it is high time we all came together. In prepping the event, Tyler wanted something “low pressure, fun, and in welcoming space for us all to really talk, laugh, and inspire. Nothing too serious, but in complete opposition of threatening administrations and policies. We will hold space and we will not be defeated. Cheesy, but love really does trump hate!”

What makes this space ideal for the event? Tyler says, “Wise Men is a very comfortable neighborhood bar owned and managed by three women. The East Village location is perfect and has a long LGBT history.” In terms of accessibility, “the venue does have two small steps up from the street, but people will be available to help anyone who needs it when entering, and the bathrooms are on the main level,” says Tyler. “There’s plenty of seating at the bar and throughout the space with small tables at the red leather benches that line the walls.” Tyler’s conclusion? “Y’all better WERK IT, no matter what age!”

What’s for dinner? “Since the setting is unconventional and it’s happy hour, guests can expect yummy crudites and charcuterie-type nibbles that will be gratis,” Tyler says. Tyler’s SAGE Table runs from 5pm to 7pm, so if you’re still hungry, we recommend you attend one of the many other SAGE Tables happening in NYC!

Pull up a chair: SAGE Table with Tyler Ashley, The Dauphine of Bushwick

Claim Your Seat: #Queereo’s SAGE Table

Join Vimeo’s LGBT younger-skewing affinity group for an intergenerational SAGE Table meal.

Who’s setting the table?#Queereo is a community of LGBTQ+ employees from Vimeo who are eager to connect with LGBTQ+ people from different generations,” says Shannon O’Brien, the Queereo SAGE Table’s organizer. The event will be held at Vimeo’s Chelsea offices in New York City. 

What caught our eye about this party? “These folks are are a team of storytellers and story appreciators, and working at Vimeo means they also love videos!” Shannon says. “They plan to share some of their favorite short films with the attendees as part of the dinner event.”

What inspired this SAGE Table? Shannon says, “As a community of young folks, we’re interested in connecting with different generations, discovering what we have in common, and celebrating what makes us unique.”

Pull up a chair: #Queereo’s SAGE Table

Claim Your Seat: Pride@Macquarie’s SAGE Table

Join in on the food, fun, and conversation at this global financial group’s SAGE Table.

SAGE is so grateful for the ongoing partnership and support Macquarie has given our organization for so many years. What drew Macquarie to be involved with SAGE Table?
“A former coworker of mine at Macquarie, David Canter, is a board member of SAGE, and through his introduction, I was impressed with the advocacy and work the dedicated people of SAGE do for LGBT elders,” says Scott Malone, the Vice President of Business Operational Risk at Macquarie. “I volunteered at the Midtown Center and then engaged our fledgling Pride@Macquarie employee network group to start volunteering on a quarterly basis.

How does Macquarie’s participation in SAGE Table align with its diversity and inclusion objectives? “Bringing SAGE Table to Macquarie’s office allows other employees who are not part of Pride@Macquarie to see all these people sharing a meal and having a lively conversation and ask questions,” Scott says. “This dinner will align nicely with Macquarie’s diversity and inclusion objectives by driving conversation and awareness.”

In what ways is Macquarie promoting the SAGE partnership to internal and external stakeholders? “The Pride@Macquarie network group has sent personal invitations to its members and allies,” Scott says. “We have targeted individuals who have volunteered with us at the Midtown SAGE center in the past.”

Who’s coming? Ten SAGE constituents and 15 Macquarie employees, ranging in age from 24 to 70.

What’s cooking? An amazing gourmet spread that includes artisanal cheese, charcuterie, triple-layer grilled cheese, mini crab sliders, flank steak, and cheesecake tarts.

What other details can you share about your SAGE Table?
“Our meal will be held in the new Macquarie Café and be catered by our chefs,” Scott says. “We will also have soft drinks, water, wine, and beer for those of those who need a little ‘liquid courage’ to help engage in witty banter. We have three long banquet tables that will be filled with people from all age groups. If time allows, we will also play some bingo or trivia.”

Pull up a chair: Pride@Macquarie’s SAGE Table

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